Toloka documentation



To upload tasks to a pool, you need to create JSON objects that contain:

  • The input data for the tasks (such as text or image URLs).
  • Correct responses (for control tasks).
  • Hints (for training tasks).

Toloka automatically combines tasks into suites. You only need to specify the number of tasks to include in each suite (the mixer_config key in the pool).

If you want to create the task suites yourself, follow the instructions in Overview.


Method Endpoint Overview
POST /tasks Creates one or multiple tasks.
POST /tasks Creates multiple tasks.
GET /tasks/<task_id> Gets task data.
GET /tasks Gets the list of tasks in the pool.
PATCH /tasks/<task_id> Changes the task overlap.
PATCH /tasks/<task_id>/set-overlap-or-min Stops assigning a task to Tolokers.

Merging tasks


  • You can only merge tasks with identical input data. The order of fields in the JSON object must also match.
  • You can only merge tasks in open pools. If a new pool got a task that was previously completed in a pool that has been closed or archived, the tasks won't be merged.
  • You can only merge your general tasks.

Merging saves you money if the same task was uploaded to different pools.

The response to the task received will be automatically assigned to another task if:

  • Both tasks have the same input data.
  • The tasks are located in different pools of the same project.
  • An identical task is available to the Toloker responding.
  • It has fewer responses than the overlap.

The response will be recorded with a zero price, and the overlap will be reduced by one.

This option is only available for general tasks without non-automatic acceptance that were uploaded using "smart mixing".

To activate task merging in a  project, specify "assignments_automerge_enabled": true in the project.

For more information about creating task suites, see the Requester's guide.