Yandex Disk


Yandex Disk integration is no longer supported by Toloka and is only available to those who connected it earlier.

To upload images, we recommend that you use wampi, imgbb, ImageShack, or imgur photo hosting services. This way you can quickly get direct links to your images to add them to the task file or instructions.

To use files from Yandex Disk in tasks:

  1. Add links to files to the task interface.

  2. Add links to files to the instructions.

Add files to the task interface

To add a file to the task interface:

Template Builder
HTML/JS/CSS interface editor
  1. Select the component type. For example, "view.image" — to insert a picture, "" — for audio files, "" — for video files.

  2. In the "url" property, select the "@toloka/helper.proxy" type.

  3. In the "path" property, enter the structure /<proxy name>/<file name>.<type> with your data.

View an example with image classification

An example where files have been added from Yandex Disk in Template Builder:

"type": "view.image",
"url": {
"type": "@toloka/helper.proxy",
"path": "/my-proxy/example.jpg"

You can also add links to files in the /<proxy name>/<file name>.<type> format to the input data and refer to them in the configuration.

Single image
Multiple images

Add files to the instructions


Set the access rights for the folder with instructions to “Public”.

To add an image to the project instructions:

  1. Upload files to the Applications/Toloka/<folder name> folder using the web interface or Yandex Disk app.

  2. Select a method of adding the file to the instructions.

    Visual editor
    Use links
    1. In the Instructions for Tolokers field on the toolbar, click .

    2. Insert /api/proxy/<proxy name>/<file name>.<type> in the field that appears. For example: /api/proxy/my-proxy/example.jpg.

    3. Press Enter.

Frequently asked questions

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Last updated: June 22, 2023

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