Toloka documentation


Toloka-Kit is an open source Python library allowing you to access Toloka API.

Toloka is a cloud-based crowdsourcing platform that helps you to collect and analyze data for machine learning and other business purposes.

Main advantages of Toloka are:

  • Top-quality results — Ready to use quality control methods allow you to get results that meet and exceed industry standards.
  • Scalable projects — Have any amounts of image, text, speech, audio, or video data collected and annotated for you by millions of skilled Toloka workers.
  • Cost-efficiency — Save time and money with this purpose-built platform for handling large scale data collection and annotation projects, on-demand 24/7, at your own price and within your timeframe.
  • Free, powerful API — Build scalable and fully automated human-in-the-loop machine learning pipelines with a powerful open API.


To use the library you need to:

  • Install Python 3.7+
  • Register as a requester in Toloka or in the Sandbox – the Toloka testing environment.
  • Top up your account or use a promo code TOLOKAKIT1. You can also test your pipelines in the Sandbox for free.

Support and bug reports