Creating a skill

To create a skill:

In the interface
Via Toloka API
  1. Click + Add skill on the Skills page.

  2. Enter the name of a new skill into the Title field. The skill name should be short, clear and easy to distinguish from the names of other skills.

  3. Describe the skill in the Description field.

  4. Choose the value of the Public? option:

    • No — The default value. Tolokers will not be able to see the information about the skill.

    • Yes — Tolokers will see the name and the value of the assigned skill.

  5. Click Add.


To better motivate Tolokers, make the skill public and set dynamic pricing based on this skill. In the task instructions, write what affects the skill value. Tolokers will know how the skill affects the price, and try to perform the tasks well.

What's next

Assign a skill either manually or automatically.

See also

For developers


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Last updated: August 3, 2023

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