Using the skill

You can use skills to filter and select Tolokers when assigning tasks, issuing bonuses, and sending out messages.

Selecting Tolokers for tasks

When setting up a pool, you can use skills in filters to:

  • Select Tolokers without a skill. To do this, use the =, and leave the value empty.
  • Select Tolokers with any skill value. Use the operator, and leave the value empty.
  • Select Tolokers who have a skill value greater than or less than the specified one.

For example, you can select only those Tolokers whose skill is more than 66 or is missing:

For global skills, the restrictions of the skill >80type are used to select “Tolokers who completed similar projects 80% better on average than other Tolokers”.

Extra bonuses

To select Tolokers by skill and give them bonuses:

  1. Go to the Tolokers page.

  2. Select Tolokers using the skill filter. To do this, use filters:

    1. Click Add filter.

    2. Scroll down and choose Choose skill.

    3. Specify the skill and the required skill value.

  3. To credit bonuses to one Toloker, click the link to their ID in the Toloker ID field.

    On the page that opens, click Actions → Issue bonus.

    To credit bonuses to a group of Tolokers click Issue bonus.

  4. Fill in the fields in the Issue bonus window that appears:

    • Bonus per user in dollars.

    • Topic and Message for Tolokers. Specify the projects and accomplishments the bonus was granted for. To send messages in different languages, use the button for switching languages.

  5. Click Grant.

    Before doing this, check the number of people who will receive the bonus, and the total amount.


Sending out messages

To select Tolokers for sending messages about changes in the project or new tasks:

  1. Go to the Messages page.

  2. Click Compose → To users group → Add filter → Choose skill.

  3. Enter the skill name.

What's next

If necessary, you can:

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Last updated: March 2, 2023

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