Assigning the skill

You can assign a skill to Tolokers either manually or automatically: using quality control rules or after training.

Using quality control rules

The quality control rules feature the following actions:

  • Assign skill value — Set a fixed skill value. This option is available in most quality control rules.

    You decide what value to set and what it means. If the value is irrelevant, you can set any number, such as 1 or 42.

    For example, in the Submitted responses rule, you can assign the “Experienced” skill to the Toloker if they completed more than 20 assignments. You can set any skill value. Tolokers with the “Experienced” skill can be granted access to more complex tasks. To do this, just specify Experienced ≠ Missing in the filters of the pool with more complex tasks.

  • Assign skill from the field — Set a value calculated automatically, for example, the percentage of the Toloker's correct responses.

    Rules where this action is available

After passing the training

After a Toloker passes a training they are automatically assigned a training skill with the percentage of correct answers.

You don't need to create this skill, it is created when you add the first training pool. If a training has the Retry after setting on, the skill is also deleted automatically. Learn more.


In the interface
Via Toloka API
  1. Go to the Tolokers page.

  2. Select the Tolokers to assign the skill to.

    How to select Tolokers
  3. Click +Skill.

  4. Choose a skill and specify the skill value. If there is no skill, create it.

  5. Click Save.

What's next

Use the skill, for example, to select Tolokers or manage overlap or price.

See also

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Last updated: August 3, 2023

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