Searching for product characteristics

For this type of project, you can use the Mining business contacts preset. It has pre-configured validation and task layout. In this preset, a Toloker needs to enter the organization's contact information found online.

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Components used in the example

What else can be configured

  • To let Tolokers enter long texts, add the field.textarea field.

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  • To let Tolokers enter numbers, add the field.number field.

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  • To let Tolokers search for files online, add the file selection field field.file. For example, use this if they need to upload a photo with a certain object in it.

    In task verification mode, the uploaded images will appear automatically. You can view, rotate, and switch between images.

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  • If a Toloker needs to find and submit a link to a specific page from the website, add the condition.same-domain component. The component checks that the link is from the required domain.

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If this preset doesn't meet your needs, see other examples in this section.

Add a field for selecting response options

If a Toloker needs to click on the search link and answer a question, add the field for selecting one of the response options.

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Add an image and a date input field

For example, use this to search for information about an actor by their name and photo.

In this example, the following fields are added:

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Divide the task interface into columns

Another version of the task, in which a Toloker needs to find information about the organization.

In this example, the following fields are added:

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Last updated: February 10, 2023

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