Toloka LLM

Toloka LLM is a platform designed to simplify data-labeling with large-language models (LLMs) and provide you tools to get the high quality labeling results for your business case.

Currently, Toloka LLM allows you to complete text classification tasks using LLMs.

Why choose Toloka LLM?

Toloka LLM offers the following advantages for you to easily start labeling texts with LLMs:

  • Structured input: We bring structure to your interactions with LLM so your labeling task is solved in a predictable and robust way.

  • Strong defaults: We provide you with a prompt and a model which are a great starting point for your experiments with the model or could be used right away.

  • Flexibility: We aim to give you maximum control over the end result, so there are no hidden prompts. What you see is what is sent to the model.

  • Quality evaluation: With labeled datasets enabling quality measurement you can experiment with LLM in an efficient non-guessing way.

  • Easy deploy: You can use API to get labeled results or try and get results right from the platform interface.

Start using Toloka LLM

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Last updated: September 5, 2023

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