Toloka LLM workflow overview

When you register in Toloka LLM, the platform creates the first project automatically. You will see the project interface when you sign in.

To start working with it,


Most of the steps above are optional, but we recommend that you don't skip them for better results.

After that you can deploy the project variants to try it on a real dataset.

Managing projects

To manage your projects:

  1. Click Edit in the upper-left header area next to the project name.

  2. In the list of My projects find the project name you want to edit.

    • Click the project name to switch to it.

    • Click Edit project name next to the project name to change it, then Accept changes to accept changes.

    • Click Delete project next to the project name to delete the project.

    • Click + Create a project to create another project and switch to it.

Next steps

Last updated: September 5, 2023

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