Creating endpoint

You can deploy the project right after you create it and generate variants.


We provide you with a free $5 credit, so you can try the service and play with it. This will be enough to run tests, but to deploy variants you need to provide your OpenAI API key.

When you have a variant with the accuracy to price ratio that fits your purpose, deploy the project and use it with real datasets.

For that, click Deploy Deploy on the variant card.

  • If haven't added OpenAI API key, you will have to do this. After that, you will be redirected to the Endpoint tab where you can test the model on real data.

The currently deployed variant will be available at the Endpoint tab.

Using labeling API

Now you can upload real data and label it. To do that, use the API code samples (cURL, Python, or JSON) and include them into your application or send cURL requests.

Click Copy text to copy Link for this project and Toloka API key. You will need the data to access your endpoint via API.

Use the link to the project as the request path and the API key as a part of the Authorization: Bearer request header. Include the input data into the request body payload.

cURL API request sample

curl -X POST 'https://link-to-your-endpoint/' \
-d '{"inputs":"The text for the input. Replace it with your own data."}' \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer PlaceYourRealApiKey_Here'

You can view the labeling statistics and costs.

Alternatively, you can enter the text example into the Try out variant field and click Run example text. The input data will be displayed in the Input text area and the resulting output will appear in the Output area.

Viewing labeling statistics

The labeling costs of the deployed variant are displayed in the Approximate total spent area and the number of labeled items in the Labeled items area. The costs calculations are approximate, you can view the exact data in the OpenAI usage dashboard.

Switching among variants

To switch among the deployed variants:

  1. Stop the current endpoint using the Pause Pause endpoint button in the Endpoint for variant area.

  2. Choose another variant from the drop-down list. If you have only one variant, the drop-down list will be disabled.

  3. Click Activate Activate endpoint to replace the current variant with the chosen one.

The link to the endpoint will be no longer active, you will need to replace it in your API requests. The endpoint history of labeling and statistics will also be lost.

Last updated: September 5, 2023

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