Archiving batches

You can archive the batch with the data to hide it. The data will not be deleted or lost in this case. To restore it later, unarchive the previously archived batch.

Archiving batches


You can archive only batches which are currently in statuses other than Processing.

From a project
From a batch
Using the Bespoke API
  1. Open the project.

  2. Click the Archive batch icon at the bespoke project page next to the batch name.

After this, both the uploaded items and the batch itself get the Archived status.

The only action available for the archived batches in the interface is to download the results.

Unarchiving batches

You can't restore archived data using the platform interface. Use the Bespoke API instead.

Send the following POST request:

curl -X POST '{project_id}/batches/{batch_id}/unarchive' \
-H 'Authorization: ApiKey PlaceYourRealApiKey_Here'

Where {project_id} is the ID of the project with which the batch is associated, and {batch_id} is the ID of the batch you want to unarchive.

Visit Bespoke API reference

Refer to the Unarchive batch section of the Bespoke API documentation for more details about the request, its parameters, and possible responses. You will find examples of the requests for Toloka-Kit and other code samples there.

After the operation, the batch gets the status it had before archiving. You can continue interacting with it.

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Last updated: July 4, 2023