Product search relevance

This Bespoke solution helps you solve product search relevance task.

Use cases

  • To improve search quality by training algorithms.
  • To understand how well your search algorithms work.
  • To compare different versions of algorithms before A/B tests.

Input data

Choose one of available types for your input data. Supported data formats with examples for each type are listed under the cut.

Product cards

How to run the solution

  1. Go to Projects → Create a project → Bespoke.

  2. In the Images section select the Product Search Relevance solution.

  3. Select the language of performers.

  4. Name the project.

  5. Describe labeling classes. Make sure that all possible variants and corner cases are mentioned.

  6. Add examples to make the description more clear for performers.

  7. Wait the project to pass moderation. Then its status changes to Active.

  8. Upload input data.

  9. Click Launch to start labeling data in Toloka.

More features

You may ask to add more features to the project:

  • To search a product on your platform with our search engine.
  • To use meta information. For example, to handle the location of a performer.


Base price depends on data volume to label per month.

Item countBase price per labeled item
Up to 10,000$0.25
10,001 - 100,000$0.20
100,001 - 500,000$0.17
Over 500,000Contact support to get special offer.
Contact support

Last updated: May 17, 2023