Downloading the results


You can only download the results from a batch with the Completed status.

Download all results

  1. Open your bespoke project and go to the appropriate batch.
  2. Click Download results on the right.
  3. Wait until the data export is completed.

View the results by item

  1. Open your bespoke project and go to the appropriate batch. You'll see a list of labeled items.
  2. Select an item and click on it. This opens a block of labeling results in JSON format.
  3. Click Copy on the right. This adds the block with labeled data to the clipboard.

Procedure of acceptance of services


In bespoke projects, only automatic acceptance is available. You can't reject responses manually.

All Tasks performed during the term specified in the Tasks shall be deemed automatically accepted by the Customer from the moment when every particular Task is completed by the User, and the Services shall be deemed duly provided by Toloka and subject to payment regardless of any other conditions. No discrepancy between results of the Task and the requirement set by Toloka in the Instruction shall constitute a basis for refusing to accept the relevant Services.

The result of labeling is a TSV file with responses. The CONFIDENCE field shows the level of confidence in a response. In this case, it shows the probability that the response is correct.

How it's calculated


Why can't I download the results?
How do I find out how long it took to label my data?
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Last updated: May 17, 2023