Starting and stopping labeling

Start labeling

You can start labeling after uploading task items to a project batch.

The following project statuses are supported:

  • Active — The project can be used for labeling. Create batches and upload task items.
  • Archive — The project is archived. You can only preview or clone such projects.

To send a batch of data for labeling:

  1. Make sure that the project status is Active.

  2. Open the project clicking its name.

  3. Click Launch.

Watch labeling progress and ETA

Once the labeling starts, you can view its progress and the estimated time when it finishes.

Open the project. It will display a list of all the project batches.

Labeling progress

The following batch properties are available here:

NameThe batch name that helps distinguish it among other batches in the same project.
Labeling queueThe batch priority that you assigned to the batch when creating it or uploading task items.
StatusThe current batch status.
ItemsThe number of task items in the batch. If the batch is in the Processing status, the number of labeled task items and the total number of task items is displayed divided with a slash.
ETAThe estimated date and time when the labeling will be finished. It depends on the batch priority (the Labeling queue value).

You can sort the batches by their names or ETA.

Batch statuses

The batch can be in one of the following statuses:

Batch statusDescription
NewThe processing of the batch items has not been started.
QueuedThe batch is ready for labeling but is currently queued because other batches with higher priority are being labeled. Labeling of these batches will automatically start once the labeling of the batches with higher priority finishes.
ProcessingBatch items are being processed by Tolokers.
CompletedLabeling of all batch items is completed.
ErrorAn error occurred during processing.
CanceledBatch processing canceled.
No moneyThere is not enough money for processing the task items in the batch.
ArchiveThe batch is archived.
LoadingTasks are loading to the batch.
StoppingThe batch is stopping.
StoppedThe batch has stopped.

Stop labeling

You can stop labeling if it isn't completed.

From a project
From a batch
Using the Bespoke API
  1. Open the project.

  2. Click Pause on the right, next to the batch name.


Task items in the Processing status will continue to be labeled and you'll be charged for them. These tasks are already reserved for performers and are being executed, so it isn't possible to stop their labeling.

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Last updated: July 20, 2023