Starting and stopping labeling

Start labeling

You can start labeling after uploading task items to a project's batch.

The following project statuses are supported:

  • Pending — Created, under moderation.
  • Active — Verified, can be used.
  • RejectedErrors found.
  • Archived — Archived.

Once created, a project needs to pass moderation. It may take up to two hours.

To send a batch of data for labeling:

  1. Wait until the project status changes to Active.
  2. Click Launch.

Stop labeling

You can stop labeling if it isn't completed.

From a project
From a batch
Using the apps API
  1. Open the project.

  2. Click Pause on the right, next to the batch name.


Task items in the Processing status will continue to be labeled and you'll be charged for them. These tasks are already reserved for performers and are being executed, so it isn't possible to stop their labeling.

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