List of data entry elements

Use the components named field.* as the data entry fields, such as a text box or dropdown list. Be sure to specify where to save the data from such elements.

field.audioComponent for recording audio. Works in the Toloka app for mobile devices. In a browser, this component opens a window for uploading an audio file.
field.button-radioAdds a button. This is useful for creating an optional answer.
field.button-radio-groupAdds buttons for selecting an answer option. This is useful if there are several options. You can add just one button, but it's easier to use field.button-radio for that.
field.checkboxA checkbox.
field.checkbox-groupAdds a group of checkboxes for selecting independent answer options. This is useful if there are several options. You can add just one checkbox, but it's easier to use field.checkbox for that.
field.dateA component for entering the date and time in the desired format and range.
field.emailCreates a field for entering an email address.
field.fileThis component can be used for uploading files. It's displayed in the interface as an upload button.
field.image-annotationComponent for image labeling.
field.listA component that allows a Toloker to add and remove list items, such as text fields to fill in. This way you can allow a Toloker to give multiple answers to a question. buttons for different types of uploads: uploading photos or videos, selecting files from the file manager or choosing from the gallery.
field.numberA component that allows a Toloker to enter a number. a field for entering a phone number.
field.quizA quiz component that counts only the first answered values. component for selecting one value out of several options. It is designed as a group of circles arranged vertically.
field.selectButton for selecting from a drop-down list. Use this component when the list is long and only one option can be chosen.
field.textA field for entering a short text, not more than a line. To add a field for entering multiple lines of text, use field.textarea.
field.text-annotationA component for text segmentation.
field.textareaBox for entering multi-line text.
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Last updated: March 29, 2023

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